You Are All Undisputed.

UNDSPTD is a movement that aims to inspire and celebrate the individuality of everyone through the art of apparel graphics. 

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Career & Job Socks

Our career & job custom face socks are themed with any job... 

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Custom face socks themed with various activities and sports. Our customized face... 

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  • Personalized Socks

    Each custom face sock is a one of one. You are a unique individual so why wouldn't your socks be the same? Our customized face socks are uniquely designed and hand-crafted with care as we know how meaningful these socks are for your friends and loved ones.

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    We offer you the ability to customize any of our exclusive design by adding your touch of garment style and color making it your own. All apparel is handmade for you.

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    Submit your own images, ideas and photos in order to create your very own piece of clothing!

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    Become a personalized socks member and get up to 50% off orders, FREE shipping and all starting at $14.99 a month!

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