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Courage to Suffer Design

Generally speaking, showing emotions such as pain or suffering through tears is perceived as a sign of weakness.This is especially true with men, who are expected to never shed a single tear in order to always appear strong.Our intent with this design is to shed a new light when showing emotions.Although it may seem that one is being strong by never showing any emotion, we believe that is the one that actually expresses emotions fully and openly when needed that stands stronger.Why do we say this?Because it takes a great amount of courage to be who you truly are and act as you truly feel independently of what other people think of you.Allowing emotions to pass through openly as opposed...

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We Are What We Repeatedly Do Design Breakdown

Humans are creatures of habit is a phrase that I heard so many times that it lost its true meaning.Our habits are a result of our thoughts, actions and behavior.The great news is, each and every one of us has full control over our thoughts, actions and behavior which gives us full power over our habits.We all have some habits that serve us well but do we ever stop for a minute and observe those habits that don’t serve us?Our goal is to provide the awareness necessary to stop and reflect on the habits that no longer serve us in order to let them go.Conversely, we want to be aware of those habits that do serve us so we can...

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